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If you are an accounting or law firm, or you wish to become an individual Member, contact us by using the form below. Similarly, if you are a seller or represent a seller in an acquisition opportunity that meets our criteria, please use the below submission form. Thank you.

If you have an investment opportunity for us to evaluate, we have decided a different tack is better for you. Perhaps counter-intuitively, in this world of ready discoverability and virtual relationships, we remain committed to old-school relationships. We don’t invest in companies or projects unless an NEC Member “sponsors” the investment through both personal relationships and their own personal capital commitment. So if you have an investment opportunity for NEC to consider, the only way to contact us is through a network connection. Find John on LinkedIn and see how you can connect to him through your network. Our goal is to have a list of all our Members on this page in the near future so you can also find connections to them.